"CUZ U Can, Celebrate the LEGACY"

The "Go VOTE, CUZ U Can!" CuzCo TShirts were inspired by one of my aunts, who was a dedicated advocate in her community concerning our rights to vote in the 2016 Presidential Elections! She encouraged us all young and old to participate in the voting process and then to trust GOD for a positive outcome! These particular TShirts are no longer available.  A special thanks to family and friends for making the CUZ & Company's 2016 "Go VOTE, CUZ U Can!" campaign a success! The CuzCo Denim Cap Style 12# is being worn by Art Borrego and Wayne Spears

SPECIAL NOTE: The CuzCo TShirt Style #6 can be pre-ordered (a minimum of 12 TShirts per order) for any voting campaign!  Contact us for more information and please use the Subject line, "Go VOTE".

Introducing the "CUZ U Can, Celebrate the LEGACY" (CuzCo TShirt #8) Collection. Great for gifts and keepsakes for the entire family! A definite hit for Family Reunions and Gatherings. For A Limited Time Only: Special order a  minimal of 100 (one hundred) TShirts at $10 each for sizes (Small, Medium, Large and XLarge); $15 each  for sizes (2XLarge, 3XLarge and 4XLarge); $7.50 for all children sizes.  Send us a message on the contact form above with the subject titled, "LEGACY" for instructions and more information.

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